Even more Cocoaheads Presentations

I’ve continued my journey with Final Cut Pro X and created more videos from talks done at the June Melbourne Cocoaheads meetup. These videos are now up on the Melbourne Cocoaheads Vimeo group (and embedded below).

David Kennedy & Scott Manley of Dangerous Pixels speak about building their iOS app development consultancy and their application Task Caddy.

You can find a wrap-up from the Dangerous Pixel guys, with links, slides and other resources over on their blog.

Luke Cunningham & Jesse Collis on “Epic Refactorings and Patterns to Make Your Code Awesome”.

My iPhone 3G hates my Linksys WAG54G V.3

Since getting my lovely new iPhone 3G I’ve only been able to connect to my apartment’s Linksys WAG54G V.3 using 802.11b.  It steadfastly refused to talk in “mixed” or “G-Only” mode when WPA-PSK encryption was turned on.

A little snooping behind the scenes, using the Organizer in Xcode to read the iPhone’s log, revealed that the poor little fella was having a problem with a “timeout waiting for authentication response” when connecting to the wireless LAN.

A little Googling and reading of anguished forum posts lead me to the solution.  I just needed to upgrade the Firmware on the Linksys to v1.00.46.

Now my iPhone can enjoy the benefits of 802.11G.  Success!

Perhaps this firmware upgrade will also fix my ADSL2+ signal strength issue too.  Time to test…