More abuse of the “Metal Hand Sign” spotted in the field.

Metal Hand Sign AbuseMore abuse of the “Metal Hand Sign” has been spotted in the field. The Metal Council would not be please. Good party though. Happy b’day Ray.

100 Bullets

A couple days ago I finished reading volume 1 of the 100 Bullets comic trade paper back. It was really rather good, so I’ll no doubt pick up more. I remember reading quite a while ago about a 100 Bullets game being developed but it seems that that particular game got dusted when Acclaim went under. But it now appears that the property has been picked up by another developer/publisher and is headed for a 2007 release. Hurrah.

The premis for 100 Bullets is quite cool. If you had been wronged and someone offered your a gun, 100 Bullets, the irrefutable proof of who wronged you, and a license to kill that person, would you take your revenge? A completely implausible contrivance yes, but a fun read non the less.

IGN: E3 2006: PS3 20 Gig Missing Features?

With the announcement of two versions of the PS3, it appears that Sony will be following Microsoft’s lead in promoting what is effectively a turd of a device in a desperate attempt to have the PS3 appear cheap enough for the average consumer to buy one. However at a $100 USD premium to the top of the line XBOX 360 package this crippled PS3 looks about as enticing as a Victorian era whore. Keep away sailer, keep away.

A History of Violence

I just finished reading A History of Violence. This is the graphic novel that the film is based on. An interesting read. I consumed it very quickly. A real “page turner” you might say. I guess now I’ve kind of ruined the film experience a little. But I’d still like to see the film I think. Though I’m not sure how much I’d appreciate the crescendo of violence and gore that the film/book ends with. Yeah ok so I’m a little squeamish.

Batman – Year One

I just finished reading Batman – Year One by Frank Miller (Sin), and David Mazzucchelli. I recently bought the hardcover re-re-release deluxe edition from Minotaur. It is nice living 2 blocks from a fantastic comic shop. I had heard that the film Batman Begins was heavily influenced by the Year One comics and after reading it I certainly concur. In fact the Batman Begins plot is almost exactly the same plus or minus a few details & characters. On the whole a good read.