Friends of Gays should not be allowed to edit Wikipedia articles.

One of the funniest things I’ve found yet on Wikipedia is the article entitled “Friends of Gays should not be allowed to edit articles“. Anyone who has ever run a blog, Wiki, or other user editable website will find much of what’s said particularly apt.

Nevada Test Site

I was listening to “Physics for Future Presidents“, a course taught at Berkeley, on my iPod recently. (You can get it via the iTunes Music store). The lecturer, Richard A. Muller, mentioned the Nevada Test Site when talking about Nuclear weapons. He told his students to look it up with Google Earth. Which prompted me to look for it on instead, as I don’t have Google Earth installed. This is what I found. Wow. Those nuclear physicists don’t muck about. They blew up a huge number of bombs out there. It is like giant aliens came down and drew circles on the earth and threw a hail of meteors down upon the ground.

WordPress Upgrade

So I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.1. Not sure why. Some minor improvements, but my theme of choice K2 is not compatible with it just yet. Maybe soon. Or maybe I’ll just change software entirely and switch to Drupal…. I’ve been toying with the idea lately.