Plex. XBMC for Macs.

Plex Icon

I just downloaded and had a brief play with Plex on my Macbook.  It is basically a direct port of XBMC (Xbox Media Center) to the Mac platform.  This makes me want to buy another Mac to plug into the telly to replace my current XBMC.

The trust old XBOX is getting a little underpowered.  It can’t output HD and it can’t decode HD content on its puny 700Mhz Celeron processor.

Now, where can I find a cheap Intel Mac Mini when I need one.

Firefox 3

I’ve been using Firefox 3 for a day or so now.  I’m liking it.  It definately seems nippy.  More so than Firefox 2.  Not sure about the OS integrated look and feel though.  Having not used Safari much I’m not used to MacOS X style buttons on web pages and such.

A good upgrade I think.  Now I’m sure will come the torrent of patches.  I wonder what point release number we’ll get to eventually…