What is this site about?

This is Oliver Jones’ personal website. It contains his rantings and ravings on a variety of topics.

What is Deeper Design?

Deeper Design is/was Oliver’s LLC company in New Zealand.  It is also the trading name Oliver operates under in Australia as a Sole Trader.

Who is Oliver Jones?

Oliver is a New Zealand citizen living in Melbourne, Australia. He is an independent/freelance software developer with more than 10 years experience writing commercial software.  His skills run the gamut of platforms and languages.  Previously he has worked with Java, Perl, PHP, C++, and C# on Windows, Linux, XBOX 360, and PlayStation 3.  Presently he is working on further developing his skills with Cocoa on Mac OS X and iPhone and Ruby on Rails.  For more details of his employment history and professional skill set see his LinkedIn.com resume & profile.

Can I hire Oliver Jones for my software development project?

You sure can.  Contact him.