Using p4merge as a custom Git merge tool on Mac OS X.

On Mac OS X Git uses the opendiff(1) command line utility as its merge tool by default.

opendiff(1) will launch the FileMerge app that comes with XCode when performing merges. Unfortunately FileMerge is not a very good merge tool.

To improve this, there are a number of options. There are some good commercial, Open Source and freeware diff tools out there for Mac OS X such as DiffMerge, SureMerge, Araxis Merge, K3Diff, and p4merge, etc. Too many to list them all here.

For my system I chose p4merge. p4merge is part of the Perforce source control management system. I’ve used Perforce quite a lot in the past at previous jobs and it has great tools. Perforce is commercial software, and I’m not about to use Perforce as my source control system instead of Git, but fortunately you can download and use the Perforce GUI tools for free. The Perforce merge tool is not tied in any way to the Perforce SCM system so you can use it as a stand alone tool.

To set up p4merge as my mergetool with Git I did the following:

  1. Downloaded the Perforce Visual Client disk image from
  2. Installed p4merge into /Applications.
  3. Added the these settings to my ~/.gitconfig file.

Now git mergetool will launch p4merge as my preferred merge tool.

p4merge Screenshot

Now you may be wondering why I didn’t just set my Git merge.tool config setting to p4merge, as it is supported “by default” by Git. Well, Git expects the command p4merge to be in the $PATH and I’d rather not have to install shell scripts across the different Mac systems I use so that it works “out of the box”. I also found p4merge wasn’t dealing well with the relative paths that Git was trying to pass to it, hence the custom mergetool.custom.cmd setting that uses $PWD.

4 thoughts on “Using p4merge as a custom Git merge tool on Mac OS X.

  1. p4merge confused by showing the local and remote in opposite side. After adding the pwd ( “$PWD/$BASE” “$PWD/$REMOTE” “$PWD/$LOCAL” “$PWD/$MERGED” ) it showed correctly. Thank you very much for providing the setting details.

    1. I guess that is really personal preference. But yes, swapping the order of files on the command line will alter which panel shows which file. The default config for p4merge with git has the remote file on the left.

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