Arrogant geeks with zero interpersonal skills.

What is it about certain arrogant geeks and their crappy attitude?

Exhibit A:

A melbourne Cocoaheads regular who works for an Apple Reseller, posts an nice offer of big discounts on older (refurbished and run-out model) Mac gear to the Cocoaheads Australia mailing list.

He gets this response from Andres Kievsky:

50% off? Too good to be true, hence they are most likely scams, or old discontinued models.

Are you sending spam, Mr. Snowden?

I send Mr Kievsky this response (off list).

Dude. Get off your high horse.

Matt is a Melbourne Cocoaheads regular that works for an Apple Reseller and is willing to do some good deals on clearance (older model) Macs for Cocoaheads devs. It is not random spam.

Also, if you have an issue with something someone posts to the list, take it up with them directly off-list rather than adding more noise to the list.


And this is Mr Kievsky’s oh so mature response to that:

Suck my balls, Oliver.

Don’t you send me any more shit ok? Thanks kid.

Not content with abusing me once, he followed up with:

And by that I mean I don’t want to get any more emails from you, kiddo, whoever the fuck you might be.

Thanks again! and have a wonderful day in fantasy land.

What a wonderful guy he must be in person.

Update: Oh, and on his Facebook profile, for shits and giggles he lists his schools as Virginia Tech, and Columbine High School for the years in which crazed gunmen murdered many an innocent bystander. How hilarious! Not.


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