Is Iron Man made of Lego?

I was re-watching Iron Man recently and noticed something interesting.  During Iron Man’s first “boot up sequence”, in the “terrorist” caves of Nowhereistan, some butchered C code is displayed on a faked up laptop screen.

C source code from Iron Man Movie

The code displayed on screen, although missing some syntactically important characters such as semi-colons, is actual valid C source code.  So valid in fact that I wondered where it came from.

After a quick Google I found it. This code is in fact as follows:

    send[0] = 0x65;
    send[1] = 1;
    send[2] = 3;
    send[3] = 5;
    send[4] = 7;
    send[5] = 11;

    if (rcx_sendrecv(fd, send, 6, recv, 1, 50, RETRIES, use_comp) != 1) {
	fprintf(stderr, "%s: delete firmware failed\n", progname);

    /* Start firmware download */
    send[0] = 0x75;
    send[1] = (start >> 0) & 0xff;
    send[2] = (start >> 8) & 0xff;
    send[3] = (cksum >> 0) & 0xff;
    send[4] = (cksum >> 8) & 0xff;
    send[5] = 0;

    if (rcx_sendrecv(fd, send, 6, recv, 2, 50, RETRIES, use_comp) != 2) {
	fprintf(stderr, "%s: start firmware download failed\n", progname);

    /* Transfer data */
    addr = 0;
    index = 1;
    for (addr = 0, index = 1; addr < len; addr += size, index++) {

The code above comes from a firmware downloader for the RCX (a programmable, microcontroller-based Lego brick), written in 1998 at Stanford University by Kekoa Proudfoot. You can get the full source file here and it is distributed under the Mozilla Public License.  This is the same license used by Firefox and many other Open Source software products.

The sequence in the film in which this code appears suggests that the code is either being downloaded as firmware to the Iron Man suit or being used to upload firmware to an RCX Lego brick that is somehow involved in the operation of Iron Man.

So it appears that Iron Man is either powered by Open Source software or made of Lego.  I’m not sure which is cooler.

19 thoughts on “Is Iron Man made of Lego?

  1. Ironman 2 shows Ivan Vankoff using Python code (appears in the first 5 minutes into the movie). The code has some regexp code using the “re” module available in python. So whiplash uses opensource software too. ALL HAIL OPENSOURCE!

    The screen sharpens at a monitor for a second and then blurs back. You can see the python code in that.

    IT can be assumed JARVIS uses LISP code because the UI on the monitor looks customized, unlike any windows systems. The layout reminds me of the GUI Richard Stallman was building using Lisp. Not to mention, Americans mostly use Lisp for their AI stuff.

    1. All hail open-source, and the producers are obviously hailing the usefulness of code that they can use without having to pay for it!

  2. Woah,

    The filmmakers wanted the character to upload some code that would control the robot suit, so they actually bothered to find, not just valid C code, but some actual robot-control software (I think that’s a fair description of Lego Mindstorm) to provide their 2-second snippet of source code.

    That’s some amazing attention to detail.

  3. I’m not sure this is an in-joke or even attention to detail. Due to issues with copyright law, pretty much the only code that COULD be used (except for complete nonsense) would have to be open source, by definition.

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