Telestream Screenflow e-Commerce FAIL & Twitter

Screenflow LogoRecently I had a need to create a screencast to help my father learn how to use his new Mac. I’d seen Telestream Screenflow used in the past and from that, and a little play with the trial version, I decided I’d purchase the app for my Mac.

Although Screenflow is a bit expensive at 99USD, it has a lot of cool features, so I was all prepped and waving my credit card around ready to buy. Unfortunately when I went to Telestream’s eSellerate powered store it didn’t even list the application for sale.

Epic sales FAIL.

The chaps at Telestream however had made the smart decision to list their Twitter name on their site (@screenflow). So I tweeted a little note about how their store was broken when I had wanted to buy and that they had lost a sale.

I then went on to use Snapz Pro X, which I already own, to make my little screencast.

The next day, @screenflow tweeted me a little direct message asking for my email address, which I provided. Lo-and-behold, in response they send me a coupon code for a 100% discount for my troubles. Nice.

Thanks Telestream, that’s what I call customer service.


3 thoughts on “Telestream Screenflow e-Commerce FAIL & Twitter

  1. Very sad to see you had to make a move from screenflow. i am a big fan of screenflow and using it for my classes and presentations. Never tried their support yet, but good to know they provide excellent support. (Y)


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