Programmer Humour.


How do I update controls on my UI thread from the Asyncronous Delegate? I understand it’s not safe to just try to update it directly from the asynchronous thread, but I need to figure out how to update it somehow. Specifically I need to increment a ProgressBar and update text in a Label.

Michael C.


My name is Tyrone Hernandez. I grew up on the streets, so I’m familiar with this kind of shiznit. I am down with this, and I’m going to keep it real by top-posting.

In my hood, I have a homie named Shaniqua and some times she calls me on the phone in an asynchronous fashion. Now I’m hip to her jive, so I don’t wanna just hang up. If I feels like talkin to Shaniqua, I talk to her. If not, I use my power of “Control” to check “IsInvokeRequired” and if it is, I call Control.BeginInvoke() to upgrade my progress bar.

Well, I’d be likin’ to talk more, but my crack dealer is here so I’m going to call some of his methods. Peace out!

Made me laugh. And he’s correct. Found, here.

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