Essential Mac Add-on

I just found an essential MacOS X add-on.

One of the things I find annoying with the Mac is the fact that there are no keyboard shortcuts for window management beyond minimizing and hiding an application’s windows.

My desktop screen is larger in both size and resolution than my MacBook’s built in display.  So when I’m travelling often I’ll open up an application, say iTunes for example, and the window will be larger than my screen can accomodate.  The borders of the window and the resize grab handle will be off screen with no way for me to mouse to the right place and resize the window to fit.

Enter MercuryMover.  This System Preference Pane provides customizable keyboard shortcuts and a nice little overlay GUI for manipulating windows with the keyboard.  Now I don’t mind paying the $20 to buy this app because it is damn useful, but this sort of feature should really be built-in to MacOS X.  Hopefully Apple will do that one day.  I don’t hold out much hope though.

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