Heroes over Europe appears on shelves.

It is very weird to see a product you had a hand in creating appear on shelves in a local brand name retailer.

I randomly went into EB Games on Swanston Street tonight, just around the corner from my apartment, and saw this on the shelves.

Heroes over Europe on display.

Admittedly these are just empty promo boxes but it is still weird to see Heroes Over Europe on shelves.  Especially since the project has been a marathon effort from hell for all those involved.

For better or worse I played a large part in the creation of the mission editor for this game. So if the missions suck, I’m at least partly to blame.  My heart goes out to all my awesome ex-coworkers at Transmission Games who are feverishly beavering away to finish it.

3 thoughts on “Heroes over Europe appears on shelves.

  1. i want this game SOOO BAADD
    i still have not seen any display boxes in stores out here yet, which makes me very sad. :C

    i cant wait for this game to come out,
    i really want this game. really really want it.

  2. I’m hoping this will be released in the UK, I remember playing Heroes Over Pacific on the 1st Xbox console, the game was awesome…..

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