Why I love Jetbrains and Resharper.

I neeeed Resharper.  Like a drug.  When I don’t have it installed in Visual Studio I feel like my hands have been lopped off.

The other day I upgraded my aging personal license of Resharper 2.5 to the shiny new 4.1 version.  However due either my own stupidity or a glitch in the Jetbrains purchase process I got charged the full license rather than the upgrade price (which is significantly cheaper).

Having noticed this error I sent a polite email to Jetbrains requesting a refund for the price difference.  This is the response I got:

Thank you for letting us know. This is what we are going to do:
– We are going to delete the purchase of a new 4.x commercial license in your user account.
– We are going to send you a license key for an upgrade from 2.x ReSharper to 4.x ReSharper Full Edition Personal License.
– We are going to send you a refund of 210USD.

Hell yeah!  Thanks Jetbrains, for being so awesome.

Resharper - The best C# & VB.NET refactoring plugin for Visual Studio


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