The power of video games to sell music.

I watched the Mirrors Edge story trailer on my XBOX 360 the other night and noted at the end of the trailer it mentioned the music was from an artist by the name of Solar Fields.  The music in the trailer being nice low key ambient trance had me interested in finding out more about the artist.  A quick Google had me at his home page and MySpace profile listening to a couple of tracks which were nice.  A quick search of the iTunes Music store had me buying the 2007 album EarthShine.  I would probably have picked up others if they had been available as DRM-free iTunes Plus tracks.

The album, by the way is very good.  The sort of dance/trance that I enjoy a lot.  I also notice that Solar Fields is playing the Earthcore festival here in Melbourne in November.

One thought on “The power of video games to sell music.

  1. Publish a full feed in RSS! We’re only getting the first ~200 characters at present.

    (Though it did mean I clicked through and saw your pretty new theme. Pretty!)

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