Outsourcing Email

Today I finally turned off my own mail server.

I wasn’t on the net “professionally” for long before I registered my own domain. Not long after that I set up my own mail host. I’ve been running my own IMAP and SMTP server since the late ’90s. Managing my own mail domain and server for about a decade. Crikey, that is a while.

I came onto the net when spam was almost non-existant, and now my server is being bombarded with torrents of spam everyday. Although with the use of Grey-listing and being super anal about RFC compliance it isn’t too hard to defeat.

But from today I don’t have to deal with these administrative issues anymore. I finally flipped the bits to convert my domain completely over to Google’s hosted mail service. Now I get to see how good Google are at managing spam.

My conversion to “cloud” computing continues…


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