My Growing Love for my Mac

OK. So I think one can officially call me a switcher. I don’t use my PC anymore. Or at least very rarely. My intention is to completely decommission it and hock it off on eBay. I’m using my Macbook as my primary computer these days.

One thing I’m loving in MacOS X is For a long time I’ve used Thunderbird as my mail client and I continue to use Thunderbird at work and recommend Windows users use Thunderbird in preference to other Windows mail clients. However, there are a few features of that I think are pretty killer and hopefully they can get incorporated into Thunderbird.

Mailbox Merging

  1. IMAP Inbox Merging – aggregates all your in-boxes into a single Inbox. This is great when you have multiple email addresses like I do. For example I aggregate my primary mail account with my GMail account. Both of which I access via IMAP.
  2. iLife & OS Integration – Attaching media from iLife applications like iPhoto is trivial in Also things like the data detectors that find addresses and events in emails so you can schedule them in iCal is also pretty damn awesome.

Other cool features of include the Notes and Todo features but I’m not using them much yet.


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