Steal This Film

I just finished watching Steal This Film II. It is a very well put together documentary about copyright, big media, and the cultural shift that is happening away from pure consumption to a much healthier consume/produce model. I highly recommend watching this film, and although it is a copyrighted work, the producers of the film want you to steal it, hence the name. If it weren’t copyright you couldn’t steal it. So here is part one:

Watch part two, three, four and five, on YouTube.

Now having said that I encourage you to support the artists you like. Attend their concerts, buy their music (when they’ll get paid, ie directly from them, not from iTunes), movies, books etc.

Remember, just because you paid for a CD or DVD don’t assume that the artists behind it will get paid. Just look at the current Hollywood writers strike for an example of where creative people behind the media you enjoy aren’t getting paid their dues.

Try and find artists out there who aren’t backed by big media. Support them. They need it more than Warner Brothers, Fox, and Sony.

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