Microsoft unveils Xbox 360 Elite

So it appears that Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox 360 Elite. Good news for Americans. For an extra $80US you get HDMI and a 120GB hard disk. There is talk that the Premium SKU will get the 120GB drive and HDMI sometime in the not too distant future as the Elite SKU sells out. This makes sense of course because the cost of having two motherboard revs in production is probably quite high.

Of course for us existing 360 owners this isn’t so fantastic. The standalone 120GB HDD upgrade is going to cost $179USD. Which is just stupid money for a 120GB Hard Disk. Sure I can accept that you’re not going to get the accessory for the same price as you would get an 2.5″ drive of the same size in an external USB enclosure but something at least remotely close to that price would be nice.

Though as I think about it there is very little point for owners outside the US who have an XBOX 360 with the 20GB drive to upgrade. Sure you can fill up the 20GB drive with lots of demos and ripped music but I’ve found that after I’ve looked at a demo for a bit I just delete it, meaning that I usually have a few gig free ready for me to download something else. The real advantage of the larger hard disk comes with the TV & Movie download service that MS provide in the US. So until that is made available elsewhere there isn’t a lot to recommend the Elite bundle. Other than the nifty black finish.


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