Geometry Wars killed my Xbox 360.

I wondered when it would happen, and it happened tonight. In the middle of a Geometry Wars game my console locked up. I reboot and I got the red ring of death. Joy. The build quality on Microsoft Xboxes is so fucking shit. The console has always made weird noises and crashed in games. I figured it was just a matter of time before it borked itself completely. Guess I was right.

On further investigation I got the extended error code out of the machine (0102) using the instructions here. The error code 0102 means “unknown error”. The guide I found on the Xbox Scene forums suggested trying to switch between SD and HD TV settings on the AV cable. Surprisingly this actually worked. The console attempted to boot in standard def TV mode. It never made it to the dashboard. I switched the setting back and tried again. This time it booted to the dash. I returned to some Geometry Wars action. It didn’t last long. Again the console locked up. This time it didn’t red-ring-of-death on me when I restarted, but it also didn’t last long rendering the Xbox logo before locking up again. I think my Xbox’s GPU is getting too hot like this one. But if I open it up to see I’ll invalidate my JB-HiFi warranty (and any MS warranty I might have ).

If MS come back to me saying “you’re out of luck buddy” on the 1 year warranty extension they issued, as my Xbox is less than a year old, I guess I’ll be packing the little sod back in its box and taking it back to JB-HiFi.

Perhaps I should just buy a PS3…. I can get one at wholesale from Sony.


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