I love Macs.

Well it seems that I had a fit of idiocy and bought a Macbook. Why? I have no idea. I guess it is because my old HP laptop has officially died and I’d been lusting after a Mac for a while now. I’m suffering from a serious case of buyers remorse though as this is an extravagance I didn’t need. I’m going to have to ebay a whole swag of old junk to pay for it.

I’m liking the little white bugger though. I’ve been hunting around the net trying to find cool software to install. I’ve found some stuff I’ll probably use everyday. Adium X looks like a slick multi-protocol IM client. I’ve also installed Synergy so I can control both my PC and mac at the same time from the same keyboard and mouse. Though I think I need to either buy a second 19″ wide screen LCD or rearrange my desk some more so I don’t get so much of a kink in my neck looking at the Macbook’s screen.

Erk, VNC and Synergy don’t play nice with each other. Cursors keep disappearing. And synergy doesn’t seem to send (or the Mac doesn’t understand) the home/end page-up/page-down keys on my Logitech wireless keyboard which is a little irritating.

The other irritating thing is how friggin hot this Core 2 Duo beast gets. You could cook off it.

Ah well… more stuff to learn & play with.


One thought on “I love Macs.

  1. Heh. Welcome to the Dark Side 🙂

    The MBP is even hotter – it uses the Al case as a heatsink. Not something for one’s lap in summer, certainly.

    Synergy can also be a bit dodgy when moving from screen to screen, especially if you’re a fast mouser. Neat concept though.

    As for software, TextMate is well worth a look. NetNewsWire is the best RSS reader out there. Downside with both (and a lot of cool Mac stuff) – it costs (albeit not a lot).

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