Lost Planet on Xbox 360.

Lost PlanetI was playing Lost Planet tonight and I came to the realization that it is in fact a completely shit game. Sure it is an extremely pretty game with sophisticated graphics and sound but it plays like something out of the 1980s.

Each mission starts with you having to trudge through meaningless environments killing completely brain dead enemies with guns that have such incredible forgiving auto-aim that it is practically impossible to miss. Dying is difficult to achieve because you have loads of health and “T-ENG”. At one point I ran out of ammo in my guns and could ran past the enemies or just run up to them and hit them with the butt of my rifle. Using this particular “technique I was able to survive quiet well.

Once you’ve completed that meaningless chunk of the mission you get to what is the actual game. Lost planet is essentially a long collection of boss battles. Each “mission” is completed by offing progressively more difficult boss monsters. These aren’t interesting boss monsters. No they are the old “moves in a pattern, fires this way, then that way, impervious to damage unless you shoot the glowing red weak point” style of boss monster. It is in these boss battles that you really discover how completely awkward the the controls and camera are.

Once you’ve shot the boss monsters particular week point for long enough you’re treated to a completely incomprehensible plot sequence full of hackneyed stereotypical Japanese video game characters who speak banal tired immature and emotionally stunted dialog regarding shit you couldn’t care less about.

This game just further reinforces my opinion that most Japanese game developers are way past their prime and have no idea how to progress the state of the art in game design and story telling.

Having said this, it seems that most reviewers don’t know jack about good game design as this game has gotten quite a good average score on Meta-Critic . There are few sane voices at the bottom of the meta-critic page who gave Lost Planet more appropriate scores of around 6/10. I’d probably give it a 5. Which is to say that it is a very average game.

If you are interested in this game, don’t be like me and buy it. Rent it. Or better yet, avoid it altogether.


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