We are sooooo fucked!

I was listening to the Science Show today on my iPod. It was a rerun of an episode from earlier in 2006. It is about Gaia theory and global warming.

Basically we’re fucked. We did it to ourselves and if we don’t do something about it pronto we’re all going to die. You might have seen Al Gore’s little movie An Inconvenient Truth. Well that little horror tail was the “lite” version. There is a very real possibility that if we do nothing about global warming the seas will boil away into space and we will be very overcooked little poached humans. Sure it is probably only a 1% chance that that will happen but a 1% chance is too damn large for my liking.

Even the far more likely outcomes are decidedly grim. No rain forests, large cities (including Melbourne, where I live) under water, no arable land in the tropics, mass exoduses of people to cooler regions, wars, famines, etc.

The really fucking stupidly amazing thing is that there are groups of people, particularly in America, one of, if not the, largest contributor to global warming, who want this to happen! And happen faster! They want this to happen because it signals the end times when we all get judged by god and either ascend to heaven of spend eternity in hell. Are these people mental?

Why, yes indeed they are.

So, what do we have to look forward to this century?

  1. Wars between radical Islamic ideologues and the (predominately) secular “western” world for what can only be described as insane reasons.
  2. Ideological and political battles between the looney Christian fundamentalists and the secular population over ethics, science and medicine.
  3. Wars between nations in need of Oil and those who have it as we rapidly race towards Peak Oil and a complete lack of it.
  4. Environmental disasters on a scale never witnessed before.

We are soooo fucked.


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