Wow the Wii is selling well.

It seems that Nintendo has raised its Wii & DS sales forecasts. Seems the big N is in good shape. But then that is expected since they make cash on every piece of hardware they sell. None of this loss leader crap.

I’ve been doing a little browsing around the net over the last couple of days and anecdotal evidence suggests that most people can’t find a Wii because they sold out the entire 4 million they’ve made so far, PS3’s sit on shelves unsold, and XBox 360’s continue to quietly walk out the door. Particularly the Core pack if you can believe it.

The Core pack is more usually known as the “tard pack” in hardcore gaming circles. However, at 299USD it is only 50USD more than the Wii so it is a pretty attractive option for people wanting an HD gaming device. Of course they’ll come back to the store later, to buy some accessories like memory cards, hard disks and such, and end up paying more than the complete console costs to begin with, but misers deserve what they get. 🙂

Thought when MS releases the 360 revision 2 with a bigger HDD, HDMI and a built in HD-DVD player later this year (I’m guessing here) I’m going to be more out of pocket than the “tard” pack owners. So who’s the bigger fool?

Anyway, back to the PS3 and Wii. In the cubicles of IR Gurus the only game anyone is playing on the PS3 dev kits (yeah they play retail games) is Resistance: Fall of Man, and I think the net agrees that that is the only good game available for that console. For the Wii, all the stories from colleagues and on the net are of Christmas and New Year parties centred around much frivolity with the Wii. Myself, I’ve only played a little bit with the Wii on colleagues units at work, but I can see the attraction. It is good clean fun. I also hear the new Zelda is fantastic.

So as 2007 begins, we’re left with more questions than answers. Will the Wii’s early success continue? Has it “got legs” as they say. Will the PS3 slowly build momentum or just splutter along under the weight of its price, requirement of a high end TV (trust me you don’t want to use the PS3 on a standard definition TV), and lack of games? Will the Xbox 360 continue to sell well with the competition nipping at its heals? Who knows. I don’t. My gut feeling is that the Wii will be a run-away success, the PS3 will slowly pick up speed and the Xbox 360 will continue to truck along as it is now.

Some other predictions are that I fully expect to see a price drop on the 360 this year (with the new model in the wings) and that will be a bonus for 360 sales. The Wii will probably get a 50USD drop too by the end of the year. The PS3 on the other hand is probably not going to get a price reduction as Sony is loosing too much money on each unit as it stands and if they did that they would just be going bankrupt faster. 🙂


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