The God Delusion

James, since you don’t allow comments on your blog I’m going to have to comment on your “Vexation, but this time no rest” post here. (You don’t even support trackbacks)…

I’ve not read any of Richard Dawkins books but I have recently seen his documentary, “The Root of all Evil?” which is basically The God Delusion in 90 minutes. The content was somewhat concerning. Recently Wired ran an article called “The New Atheism“. After reading it I decided to re-embrace my Atheism with renewed vigor. The present rise of radical Islamism and Evangelical Christianity needs to be addressed. I plan on confronting peoples misplaced non-thinking religious dogma with a good, well argued, response where I can. Hopefully I won’t piss too many people off. 🙂 Though I need to study up on that a little. I should probably pick up Richards books, and perhaps one or two by Sam Harris too.

For your viewing & listening pleasure, some stuff on YouTube.

And some podcasts.

3 thoughts on “The God Delusion

  1. Interestingly, Dawkins was not chuffed with the title ‘The Root of all Evil?’, as it does aid those who like to paint him as a religious hating madman. He’s a good debater though, and seems to get a lot more press over here than in the antipodes (but then, he is a Brit so not too surprising).

    Daniel Dennett is another good read, if somewhat heavier going than Dawkins. ‘Darwin’s Dangerous Idea’ is his work on evolution, and he’s recently release ‘Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon’, which promises to be a good read.

    The problem with debating in this space is Gould’s meme that science and religion can co-exist, and the resulting common mindset that spirituality should be outside the realm of science, and hence rationalists are closed to that half of existence. Plus, given the emotional attachment of those involved it often becomes more trouble than it’s worth. No reason not to try though!

    On another note, I did have comments enabled, and then the deluge of spam started. It was rather well filtered by Drupal, but I got fed up with the notification messages. As for TrackBacks, no plug-in was around when I upgraded. So mere laziness on my part 🙂

  2. This might look like spam…but it isn’t!

    I want to invite you and your readers to join us in reading and discussing Dawkins “The God Delusion” during Q1, 2007. I’m working on getting him in a life chat session for sometime in March 2007, but nothing is set in stone. We had Richard Dawkins for a live chat back in 2003 where we discussed “Unweaving the Rainbow.”

    Chris O’Connor

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