Hands on with a PlayStation 3.

Today a Sony rep turned up at work with a PS3 test/debug kit and a swag of burnt Blu-ray discs.

Hence I got to have a little look-see and twiddle with some old-ish builds of Resistance: Fall of Man, Ridge Racer, Lair and Motorstorm.

End-result: Unimpressed.

  • Ridge Racer: Same old same old, but in High-Def resolutions and with all the prerequisite graphical effects we expect in a “next-gen” console game. Didn’t look graphically better than Test Drive Unlimited on 360. Played like a PSOne game.
  • Lair: Old build. Didn’t get to try the tilt controller action. Way too much bloom which ruined the graphics for me. Other stuff very alpha looking. This game shouldn’t have been shown anywhere in this state.
  • Motorstorm: Old build but looks like it could be fun. Graphics in this build didn’t look as good as screens I’ve seen elsewhere and in this state it didn’t impress.
  • Resistance: Fall of Man: This looked like the best game of the bunch, as has been said by many other gaming websites. Solid controls, though I missed the controller rumble effect. You just don’t feel as connected to the on screen action without it. Probably as fun as Call of Duty 2 was on 360 but with better graphics.

Now these impressions come from very brief interactions with the PS3 and are based on unfinished alpha and beta quality games so I live in hope that these titles have been polished up a lot since these builds were created.

So like I said, in the end I went away unimpressed. The PS3 has a lot of grunt under the hood (as does the 360) and this first batch of games is probably only scratching the surface of what titles will be doing 4 or 5 years from now. But what this has shown me is that I can feel quite comfortable about my recent purchase of an Xbox 360. The first batch of games coming for PS3 are not earth shatteringly better looking or more sophisticated than Xbox 360 games and most certainly don’t provide good reasons to pay the $350AUD extra for the privilege of playing them on a PS3.

The only thing that did impress me was that the test/debug kit was whisper quiet and ran quite cool. Quite a difference from the Hoover like noise and oven like heat that the Xbox 360 generates. And certainly an absolutely massive difference to the jet engine-esq noise that the PS3 beta dev kits make. We live in hope that the final PS3 dev hardware will show up soon.


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