What is DRM? It’s defective by design.

October 3rd, Anti DRM DayOctober 3rd is anti DRM day over at DefectiveByDesign.org. DRM bad. Creative Commons good.

DRM (aka Digital “Rights” Management). More accurately known as Digital Restrictions Management is bad for artists and bad for consumers. The only people it is good for is “Big Media”.

If you use the iTunes Store with Apple’s Fairplay DRM or any online music/video service that uses Microsoft’s Plays for Sure DRM technology or even just own DVDs you might as well be burning your money. You don’t own any of that audio/video content. DRM controlled media can be turned off at a whim by a copyright holder so that you never get to see or hear it again without paying them more money.

DRM software on your PC, spies on you, treats you as a criminal and curtails your rights. DRM does nothing to stop piracy as any pirate with half a clue knows how to defeat it. The only reason it exists is to extract more money from you the “average joe” consumer. Learn more at DefectiveByDesign.org.

Down with DRM. Spread the word.


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