MTV acquires Harmonix for USD $175 million

Oh no.  MTV acquires Harmonix for USD $175 million.  MTV are not exactly renowned for creating startlingly good entertainment.  The past decade has turned what was once a bastion of great music broadcasting into a cheap reality TV whore.

Not to say that 175 million in the bank for the guys at Harmonix isn’t nice.  Certainly a good payday for them and they deserve every cent, but I can only hope that MTV Networks leave them to get on with creating great music /rhythm games.  Otherwise the company is doomed.

I’m just glad that Activision has acquired the Guitar Hero franchise along with the original publisher Red Octane.  Activision has a pretty good track record as a publisher.  They tend to let their development houses get on with the job and don’t meddle too much.  It is a pity though that the original authors and creators of the Guitar Hero franchise may not be able to continue their involvement.


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