Attack of the Clones.

This make me angry. Another case of the big guy stepping on the small guy. Bizarre Creations have posted a long winded “oww you’re hurting us” whine on their forums about the clones of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. They claim that clones like Grid Wars are infringing their IP. I call bullshit on this. Geometry wars is a well made simple little shooter. Whoopty doo. It is similar to many other games and is hardly original. Sure the guys making the clones also suffer from a stunning lack of original thought but it is hardly worth making a song and dance about. All Bizarre Creations have done is raise the awareness of others, like me, who didn’t know about Grid Wars and they’ve just made the problem worse for themselves.

The leason to take away from this? Don’t rest on your laurels. Innovate. If Geometry wars was such a success for Bizarre Creations then why have they not put out another XBOX Live Arcade title.


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