Guitar Hero Rocks!

Guitar Hero Gameplay

Truth be told, 1UP recently held a group “review” session that lasted late into the night. After a few beers, some leaps off the couch, about 8 renditions of Boston, countless moments of faux-rockstar posturing, and actually stomping so hard that we broke the disc during the thundering finale of “Take Me Out,” everyone seemed to agree on a score for Guitar Hero… But our scale only goes up to 10.


Seriously, many games are good, but this game is near perfect in almost every way. I’ve gotten blisters and had my thumb start bleeding WHILE I PLAYED. That’s a testament to how good this game really is. If you don’t buy it, you will regret it for the rest of your LIFE. I mean that.


I’ve not been playing any other video game on my consoles since I got Guitar Hero. It has redefined the standard for accessible music games. If you even remotely dig rock music you need a copy of this game.


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