Laptop no go go…

My laptop died recently. It turns on, but fails to POST. So I replaced it with a shiny new workstation. I didn’t want to spend to much so it’s not completely wiz-bang-flash. For around $1700 AUD I got an AMD Athlon 64 3500, nVidia 7600GT, 320GB disk, nForce 4 based motherboard, ViewSonic 19″ widescreen LCD, and Windows XP Pro.

It certainly seems to power along quite nice. Games certainly look a little more slick with all the shiny nobs turned up to 11. Now I can play Half-Life 2 Episode One. 🙂
Only downer at the moment is that Ubuntu 6.06 x64 (Dapper Drake) fails to install. Seems it has “issues” with my SATA Hard Disk controller.


One thought on “Laptop no go go…

  1. There may be hope for your Dapper desktop. I have remarkably (hence the remark) similar desktop hardware to what you descibe above, and I’m running Dapper. The current release Dapper install disk (I’ve only tried the live cd one, not the “alternative” one yet) goes tits-up during boot. But I first installed Dapper of one of the Flights – pretty sure it was 4, but could have been 7 – and dist-upgraded my way to current. YMMV, but it could work. From memory, the other thing that consistently went silly was grub deciding the hd was 1,0 instead of 0,0. Pretty easy to fix after install, but disconcerting when it won’t boot after an apparently successful install.

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