Programmer Personality test… oh god not another one.

I came across this Programmer Personality Test at Doolwind’s Game Coding Site. I would not suggest you take it.

For example:

Question 4: Who is a ‘better’ programmer?

  1. Someone who went to university/college and has at least a masters in their field. They should read as many books on a subject as they can find before starting on it.
  2. Someone who has been coding since they were 5 and simply goes by raw talent alone.

My answer would be neither. The options don’t provide enough information about the programmer to make a judgement. Neither extreems are desirable.

Question 5 is similarly flawed.

Which is the ‘best’ way to program?

  1. In assembly or straight C. I’m in complete control of what the program’s going to do.
  2. Java or any .net language. Why waste valuable time on memory management and re-inventing the wheel when someone’s handled it for you!

The “best” way to program depends on the task. If you’re worried about computer performance then C/C++/Asm might be the best option. If you’re concerned about programmer performance then maybe Java, C# or Python would be.

While tests like this can be humourous, this one is so easy to manipulate its not funny. Mainly because the “right” or “desired” answers stick out like dogs balls.

In fact this sort of test probably does more damage than anything else by promoting stereotypical and flawed views on programmer personalities.


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