Laptop Graphics Drivers Suck.

What makes Laptop vendors like HP choose to be so sucky at supporting graphics drivers.  I have an HP Compaq nx7010.  It is my main PC.  The one I’d like to play games on.  The only problem is that the graphics drivers are ancient.  So I’m stuck playing ancient games.  I don’t expect this Laptop to play Crysis but at least HL2: Episode One would be nice.  Sure it’ll crawl along at 800×600 but I’m ok with that.


One thought on “Laptop Graphics Drivers Suck.

  1. Well not all the graphics chips suck, the Toshiba Satellites come with 512mb Nvidia 7000’s those are pretty sweet mind you those are 17″ laptops but I mean laptops arn’t ment for hardcore gaming, unless you wanna get an Area 51 but Dell bought out alienware, however, some of of dell’s laptops are deadly for gaming!

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