EB Games rips people off.

Yesterday I had the displeasure of being ripped off by EB Games. As it is Australia’s end of financial year on the 31 of June, EB Games is having its regular yearly sale. They are advertising 25% to 50% off lots of games. There are some deals to be had, for example getting 25% off XBOX 360 games. However there are also some really over-priced games being potrayed as bargins.

For example EB is selling God of War Platinum with a retail price marked as $49.95 with 50% off, making the game $24.98. The actual recommended retail price for this game is $29.95 which makes the actual discount less than 20% off.

But to add insult to injurry, they are selling Ratchet Gladiator Platinum and Jak X Platinum for PS2 marked as 50% off 79.95. The actual recommended retail price for these two games is $29.95 each. So EB’s “discount” price is actually $10.03 more than RRP.

When I originally purchased these games on Saturday I questioned the sales clerk about the prices, as I was sure Platinum titles are usually cheaper, and he gave me some weak answer blaming Sony for not reducing the prices yet. I foolishly believed him at the time.

After checking the prices online, I returned to the store on Sunday and demanded a refund of the excess I had paid. After much buck passing by the staff in store I eventually got it. But even then not until the sales clerk had phoned a few different retail stores to find out what they are selling these titles for. Fortunately for me EB games offer price matching and the store he eventually got a price from, JB HiFi, was selling the titles for $27.99.

So on the whole I’m not happy with EB Games. And like always, it pays to be an informed consumer. Check out prices online before you hand over your hard earned cash to the retail sharks.


4 thoughts on “EB Games rips people off.

  1. So the one game was cheaper at those stores.. where the others too? Do you know when those stores started selling those games for cheaper? Sometimes price changes take time to be OK’d by ho, thats why I’m wondering. lol. happy shopping!

  2. why bother trying to get money back. if the games working and you use it alot then it is money well spent anyway. if i buy a game i use at every possibility then i dont care that i spent a few extra bucks.

  3. EB are known for bad deals and ripping people off, i refuse to shop there anymore. They once were good back when the ps2 was new, lots of cheap preowned n64 games 😀 but now they overcharge for just about every game in their stores.
    If you want a better deal try games wizards, they appear to give better deals than eb on trading and their retail prices match the rrp.

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