Valve Announces 360 Game Development, but Half-Life 2 didn’t sell well on Xbox?

From an article on Gamasutra, it appears that valve will be doing Xbox 360 game development even though the Half-Life 2 port to Xbox didn’t sell well.  This surprised me, not that they are going to do 360 games, but rather that HL2 didn’t sell well.  I guess the vast majority of their audience is PC based and would have gotten HL2 on PC well before it came out on Xbox.  But still, I would have thought that the rabid FPS fanboys who only own an Xbox would have snapped up HL2.  HL2 is a much better game than Halo 2.  Though perhaps those Xbox owners who don’t own a PC have never heard of HL2 and don’t realize what they are missing out on.  All I can say is buy this game now!


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