Pariah Review (XBOX)

I’ve finally finished playing Pariah on XBOX. I bought this game about a year ago and played it to about half way through until I put it down and didn’t pick it up again until recently. Coming back to this game now has accentuated how extremely average the game is.

Pariah had a lot going for it out of the gate. It was developed by Digital Extremes, who helped Epic develop the Unreal franchise. It is a new IP with a Sci-Fi backdrop. It has all the flash technology checkboxes checked. It has 16 player muliplayer on XBOX Live with a custom level editor for creating and sharing your own multiplayer maps. But in the end it all tends to fall a little flat.

The story is uninspired and confusing. The sound and music is badly mixed and unexciting. The graphics, while attractive in some places and with some nice weapon effects, are generally drab and uninteresting. The level design is uninspired. The difficulty curve is all over the place with checkpoints either too far apart or too close together, or in bizaar places like 5 seconds from the level exit. The weapons are generic and the weapon upgrade system not very effective. The game is also quite buggy. I ran into a whopper of a slowdown glitch in one of the levels and had to reload my last save game to fix it. Two frames a second is no fun. This sort of thing should have been caught in QA.

On the whole Pariah is a pretty flawed game and there are much better first person shooters on the XBOX. Pity really, a new fun FPS franchise could have been good.


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