PS3: Launch in November, free online service from day one, hard drive to be a requirement.

Articles on indicate that the PS3 will launch worldwide in November with a free online service from day one and include a 60GB hard drive. This is in contrast to what most pundits (including myself) have been saying for a while. Now the only questions left are, how much will the PS3 cost, are the games any good and have they fixed that hideous controller?

Also, how will Microsoft respond? Will XBOX Live Gold become a free service post PS3 launch? Will they drop the “Core” bundle that doesn’t include a Hard Drive? Will they increase the size included drive in the premium bundle from 20GB to 60GB to match Sony?

Sony is going to start to squeeze Microsoft and it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can maintain momentum and obtain enough of a market share lead over the next 12 months to remain competitive with Sony.


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