Who cares, if Windows Vista doesn’t suck

One of Ziff-Davis’ Microsoft shill sites, Extreme-Tech, has an article up on why Windows Vista won’t suck.  Who friggin’ cares?  I certainly don’t.  Windows Vista appears to be about 2 years too late.  Everything it does, other systems have done better for a long time.  Performance improvements?  Yawn.  Linux has been faster for ages.  More gui snazzyness?  Yawn.  MacOS X has been there and done that for quite a while.  Over the next 12 months Linux is going to get there too (see this, this, and this).  Sure Vista will bring this stuff to the masses, but it is about bloody time.

The only reason I have Windows XP on my Laptop is to use iTunes, to look at the occasional Windows only app and to write games software.  Unfortunately the only mainstream computer platform for games is Windows.  Thankfully once I finish at the AIE I can work on console development and avoid the hideousness that is DirectX and the Win32 API.


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