Old skool.

Tonight, in relation to the Diploma of Game Development that I am doing at the AIE here in Melbourne I was looking at FMOD, an excellent (and free for non-commercial use) sound/music library. FMOD is used extensively by Oz game companies and was created by Firelight (an old Oz demoscener and wizard sound coder). This got me reminiscing about the good ol’ demoscene.

For those of you who don’t know, I ran a demoscene BBS called “The Digital Dream” in Hamilton in ’95. TDD was one of the very few demo scene related boards in NZ at the time. It was very much on the fringe of the scene that was very Europe focused at the time (and remains so). I and my regular “users” were just observers more than anything else. Unfortunately my slender student budget and the, not so sudden, arrival of the Internet put paid to my visions of being a towering demoscene BBS overlord by the beginning of ’96…. ah well, nevermind.

So after this cavalcade of fond memories had subsided, I ventured out onto the GoogleScape and went searching for my past. To my shocked amazement I found Ozone! Ozone ran Mindflux, a demo scene board in Sydney. If my memory serves me correctly I picked up Bloodnet off of Mindflux. Ahh the days of Fidonet.

It is also good too see lots of european ex-demoscenes making good in games development. Starbreeze Studios (Chronicles of Riddick) was started by ex-Triton coder guru Vogue and of course Remedy (Max Payne) employs lots of Dust & Future Crew ex-pats.
Anyway, if you’ve not checked out some modern demoscene productions recently I highly suggest you go check out some of the winners from Assembly ’05. As per usual you will require a grunty PC and video card. I eagerly await the Asm’06 finalists.
I’m off to code a sine scroller….



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