Online gaming will revolutionise industry, say execs

It seems Sony and EA exececutives have woken up to the fact that online gaming will revolutionise the games industry.  Well duh!  I’ve been saying that since 1997.  However, like usual when an exec at a “Big Media” company (especially Sony) has a thought stumble out into the vast uncharted wastes of their mind, they latch on and stay very stupid things.

Here’s a whopper.  Former EA executive Lars Butler gloriously declares that “single-player is to media what masturbation is to sex”.  Single player games are like wanking?  Oh please!  I guess going to a Film is like a giant group tossing competition then.  To steal metaphors from other entertainment industries, single player is like film and generally focused on narrative.  Multiplayer is more like 24 hour sport TV.

Personally I don’t like ESPN much.  I’ll watch the occasional Rugby match but I prefer a good drama or action flick.

Also, online gaming is a cold and impersonal world compared to having some buddies on the couch trash talking and drinking beer.  So while online can be cool it is certainly not the world changing event that vacuous “Big Media” execs would have your think it was.  They just want you to buy more of the crap they are peddling.


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