XBOX 360 delayed in Australia/New Zealand. is reporting that the Australian/New Zealand launch of the XBOX 360 is to be delayed until the 23rd of March.

I was in EB Games today and they’re ramping up their marketting effors with more instore mockups and the likes. Microsoft’s stated reasons for the delay are supply related and this is really to be expected. They seem to be having nothing but trouble meeting demand with enough units.

This delay just re-afirms my belief that MS rushed the release in the other larger territories. It may also be indicative of an attitude at MS that the AU & NZ markets are not as important as other PAL regions. This would be unfortunate as the original XBOX did extremely well here. On a weekly sales basis I think the XBOX was on par with PS2 soon after it launched. However due to its later release it has not reached the same total quantity of units sold.

Ah well, another 3 weeks wait isn’t going to hurt too much. And I’m unlikely to purchase one on launch day. There just arn’t enough compelling titles out for it yet. I may even just wait until Halo 3 is released. There is likely to be some sort of bundle involved with that game which could be a significant money saver.


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