Et tu, Ubuntu?

Yep. I’ve made the switch. I’m no longer using a Fedora (aka RedHat) base distro on my Laptop.

Currently my laptop is enjoying the wonders of Ubuntu’s Universe. There is just soo much software for Debian distros. Nearly everything you could desire is available with a quick apt-get.

So far everything worked “out of the box” on my HP Compaq nx7010 including Wireless networking which was what I was most concerned about. And thanks the the Universe/Multiverse Ubuntu repos I’ve gotten all the Multimedia apps I’m used to using installed. The most complex item so far has been installing the Sun Java JDK. But there are some good instructions about how to install it here and there on the web.

Perhaps the only thing I’m not so pleased with is the default Ubuntu theme and Icons. I don’t mind the brown so much (though I’ve switched to the default Clearlooks colour scheme) but the Icons are pretty awful. Personally I quite like the Bluecurve Icons from RedHat but I’ve done a quick tar ball based install of the Tango Project icons and I’m pretty happy with that.


One thought on “Et tu, Ubuntu?

  1. heyas all.
    my 40 gig drive is going to good use now. I have installed UBUNTU and have ordered KUBUNTU.
    I dont know how to install the driver for my ati radeon 9600xt.
    Actually i dont know if i am meant to be downloading and installing XFREE86 or the XORG version of the driver. I am downloading them both but i dont know how to do anything in Linux really.
    I dont know where I am meant to set up my modem or set up a net account. (no INETWIZ.EXE)
    So yeah, can someone help me out with getting my ATI driver installed?
    and does anyone know of a good long PDF file i can read and wrap my brain around.
    I’m still a Windows user, but I want to use Linux as much as possible.
    Thanks. 🙂

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