The Australian Game Developers Conference

Well, the 7th, and final, Australian Game Developers Conference is over. T’was very interesting. Lots of great interesting sessions. The programming ones were perhaps not as technical as I would have liked but the other more game design and production related ones were great. I would have loved to have been able to go to all the talks but if there was only one stream the conference would last for a week or more.

I met some great people, and got some prizes and swag so I’m pretty happy. I’m pretty jazzed about attending the AIE here in Melbourne next year.

Even ran into a Hamiltonian who did the AIE course this year.

The AGDC related expo had some reasonable entries from schools around Australia and NZ in the indie game development compo.

I was particularly impressed with the technology behind the entry from the Media Design School in Auckland. I didn’t even know NZ had a school like that. Though I ended up voting for the AIE Melbourne entry as I think it had a better mix of OK technology and fun simple gameplay. Gameplay always trumps tech I’m affraid.


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