The return of Mobility.

Yippee, my Laptop (mobility) was returned by HP today. I’m back in business. HP were very prompt in picking up my busted Laptop and replacing the Hard Disk. The laptop was only out of commission for about 10 days and some of that was because I arsed around a bit before getting in touch with HP.

Of course HP returned the Laptop with a fesh install of Windows XP rather than Linux. Though they appeared to have installed XP Home rather than Pro which was odd considering the Laptop came with XP Pro and the little OEM sticker on the bottom quite obviously says “Microsoft Windows XP Professional” on it. Strange. I promptly blew that away, repartitioned and installed XP Pro from my original media. Once that is all sorted I’ll be putting Fedora Core 4 back on the 55GB of remaining unallocated hard disk space. Then it’s time to restore my backups. *Joy*.


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