ESR vs RMS: The King is dead, long live the King.

* ESR: “We don’t need the GPL anymore.”
* RMS: “GPL here to stay.”

Wild editorial musings ensue.

It always strikes me as odd when sites post articles like this. There is a reason why RMS and ESR don’t agree. They’re talking about different things! ESR couldn’t give a rats arse about “Free Software”. He talks about Open Source as a software development methodology. RMS on the other hand is all about Freedom. RMS doesn’t care how the software is written, be it a single guy in his garage, if its an “Evil Corporation™” or a bunch of existential hippies collaborating over HAM radio. All RMS cares about is whether users of the software retain the right to modify and redistribute it. These are very different things but they are not in conflic with each other.

Why is it that others, particularly hack web journalists, always seem to pick it up and throw it about as if “the great titans of Open Source/Free Software” are doing battle on the plains?



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