Bad computer day.

Today is probably the worst “computer day” I’ve ever had. First I get a phone call from my mate Ray, telling me that my webserver has gone tits up and then I discover my Laptop’s hard disk has crashed. It makes all sorts of funky clacking noises. *Joy*. Fortunately my web server was able to be rebooted and doesn’t seem to be damaged in any way. Why did my webserver crash though? Perhaps the Linux kermel just got sick of being up and stable for hundreds of days and decided it needed to take a walk. I dunno. The laptop on the otherhand is well busted. I guess that’ll teach me to leave it running for days at a time. Fecking HP hardware

And of course to rub salt into the wounds I of course don’t have a very recent backup…. *sigh* And to provide further pain and suffering I think my 1 year warranty is about to expire (if it hasn’t already). Argh.

Though I guess my karma new this was coming as not too long ago I bought a standard PC that I’ve been using as a NAS/Media Center and I just leased another webserver (which I’m in the process of migrating services to). Perhaps some good will come of this in the end.


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