Last week I launched Phrame is a PHP MVC application framework. Originally developed some guys at Texas Tech University, and then subsequently developed by Alex Belgraver and Pieter A. van Stempvoort. Unfortunately Phrame has been somewhat neglected by its original authors, and Pieter hasn’t had much time to devote to improving Phrame more than his excellent work on version 3.0. So, Yuriy Krylov and I are hoping to revitalise the Phrame project, put more development hours into it and really try and promote Phrame as a high quality framework for developing web applications in PHP.

Both Yuriy and I use Phrame extensively in our professional PHP development work, as I assume do many others who have come into contact with Phrame. Unfortunately there hasn’t, until now, been a central place to find up-to-date information and support on the framework. is powered by Trac an excellent tool for powering development websites. It combines a Wiki, Issue tracking system, and Subversion repository browser into one unified system.

If you’re interested in high quality application frameworks for PHP, please drop by, we need all the help we can get.


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