GNU auto{conf,make,header}

Last night I decided to start a C++ project on my Linux laptop. It’s going to be a bunch of experiments with graphics and game algorithms. This is probably the first time I’ve written anything significant in C or C++ on Linux and as such I thought that using the GNU auto{conf,make,header} suite would be a good idea.

However the only exposure I’ve had to these tools is as a Linux user when compiling apps from source. So to learn how to use it I found a resonable tutorial on using GNU auto{conf,make,header} via Google.

The tutorial is pretty good at covering the basics. To back that up I read other specifics from the official GNU Autoconf manual. Autoconf is powerful but god is it picky and fiddly to setup correctly. I’ve still not got my head around it but I think I’m on my way. So far nothing strikes me as “stupid” but this is no “Ant“.


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