Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Movies

I just watched the Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood developer commentary which is available on IGN. This 71MB, 15 minute long, movie has gotten me quite interested in this title. I really liked the original Brothers in Arms title that came out earlier this year, but when I initially heard that Gearbox was doing a fast rev on a new BIA game I was skeptical. The 6 month gap between titles didn’t seem like long enough for Gearbox to do a good sequel and felt a little like a cash-in or mission pack. Ubisoft, the publisher, does this a bit with the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six franchises too.

The concept of the player taking control of an alternative character from the original game and playing from his point of view didn’t seem all that exciting. The original news and PR items also suggested that you would play the same time period in the game as the original BIA but from this alternative character’s point of view. I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy at this idea even though I had thoroughly enjoyed the original release’s missions.

However, this developer commentary movie has reinvigorated my interest. While the new title can’t be called a true “sequel”, it is obvious that Gearbox have put a lot of work in and addressed many of the short commings of the original BIA while also adding a bunch of new things to make the game interesting.

BIA is, in my opinion, the best WW2 franchise out there. Well worth a look if you like First Person Shooters or the WW2 genre.


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