The Island

Went to see The Island with Ray today. The movie was directed by Michael Bay. As the song goes in Team America, “Michael Bay makes the worst fucking films”. Ok so it wasn’t _that bad_. In fact it was pretty much what I expected from a Michael Bay film. Lots of things going “phooom”, rediculous stunts and a plot very thinly layed on the ground before being shot. Repeatedly. With a large gun. Michael Bay is not the most imaginative director. He even ripped a stunt from his previous film, Bad Boys II, almost completely shot for shot and stuffed it in The Island for good measure.

Check your brain at the door and enjoy, espcially the parts with Scarlett Johansson in them. Hmmm, yummy. Scarlett was in Lost in Translation which was cool. She even had a little “thing” going on with Bill Murray’s character. Go Bill! Go!

The highlight of the night was actually me locking myself out of my apartment as I fled in too much haste to meet Ray at the cinema. Much head slapping and verbal self flagellation ensued. Having deprived myself of my nice warm bed for at least a night, I had to return to the “comfy couch of doom” for another night at Ray’s. To make the day even more exciting I seem to have picked up some sort of mild flu like cold. Yippee!


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