Podcasts I’m listening to: 306Hacker.net

360hacker.net is a site run by Justin Nolan. Justin is a Journalism student with an obvious affection for gaming and the XBOX 360. Justin also has the benefit of actually having a relatively balanced temprement and developing interlect. Something that a lot g4m3r h4ck3rs seem to have in limited supply. Both his website and podcast contain relevant and relatively accurate information and, unlike a lot of mainstream gaming websites, a distinct lack of hype or PR spin.

His semi-regular podcast features a call-in question section where you can call in and ask Justin questions about gaming and the XBOX 360 in particular. I do however find it fairly humourous that callers are ringing him up as if he’s somehow authoratative on the subject of the XBOX 360. While Justin knows his stuff and is obviously keeping up to date with developments, all of the questions can be easily answered by just reading a few of the other industry websites and thinking about things a little. But hey, props to Justin for developing a fan base. 🙂


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